Macleod JFC & Vida Footy

Thanks to all those who came along to our 2016 Season Information night.  Our partnership with the team at Vida Footy throughout 2016 will no doubt build our players and coaches into a force to be reckoned with!

Following a warm welcome from the committee, the Vida Footy team led by Vince Dattoli and AFL great Anthony Rocca took us through the program they will work with Macleod JFC coaches and players throughout 2016.  At the core of this is their vision, which aligns well with the vision of the Macleod Junior Football Club:

Vida Footy coach Anthony Rocca

“To create life opportunities for each individual through the sport of football”

At the end of the presentation, the players, parents, and coaches had a chance to discuss the program with Vince and Anthony, and gain some valuable insights into the value they will bring to the club, and their own approach to coaching.  The playing and coaching experience that Vida bring to MJFC is going to help us build a solid foundation for years to come.

They spoke about bringing a “football language” to the club, whereby every player and coach at the club would understand the game style, tactics, and philosophy used right throughout all levels and ages.  This means that as players progress through the ages, and even into the senior team, they know exactly what it means to play football at Macleod, and how they should approach their training and matches.  Through this consistency, we are able to develop players of all skills levels – not only by the high achievers, but also through identifying players in need of additional skills development etc.

The overwhelming message of the night was to make training and playing enjoyable and interactive for all involved.  It’s not about one coach, one player, or even one team.  It’s about involving everyone at the club – players, parents, and families alike – to all work towards success for the Mighty Eagles!!vida-footy-copy1