Vida Football Coaching Masterclass

Our 2016 coaching and support team will be attending their first Vida Football Coaching Masterclass in Sunday Feb 14th.  There a great line up of speakers, and it look sure to be a terrific session.

This is a result of our partnership with Vida Football for the upcoming session, and will be the first of many similar sessions to develop our coaching team, to ensure we continue to nurture tomorrow’s champions!


Vince Dattoli and Justin Raiti

 Vince will go through some important things to remember when coaching this year.  He will go over some of the fundamentals of coach and player education.  Justin will do a live presentation of how to use the website as well as explain the best way to use the site.

Dale Tapping

 Dale will speak about coaching techniques and methods. Dale’s experience from coaching in the VAFA, VFL and AFL will be a great asset for junior coaches trying to deliver their coaching methods with their players.  

Deidre Jacklin 

 Deidre has a background in personal development and leadership development. She also is experienced in identifying, and being able to correctly help businesses and professionals communicate to different personalities. Deidre will talk about different ways to communicate to your junior players so every player understand the message.