2017 AGM Report

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2017 Macleod JFC Annual General Meeting. It’s good to see the level of interest in the club this late in the year, and the eagerness of those already looking ahead to the 2018 season.

It was pleasing to see the 2017 committee re-elected for 2018, and we welcome the addition of Anita Anderson to the committee to help coordinate our social events.

The executive committee for 2018 is as follows:

  • Paul Starmans (President)
  • Dom DiCesare (Vice President)
  • Shane Hocking (Secretary)
  • Peter Merory (Treasurer)

In addition, the general committee includes:

  • Russell Brown
  • Mark Medley
  • Carl Thompson
  • Tom Barca
  • Paul Skaife
  • Anita Anderson
  • Rino Corelli (League Delegate)

Tom Barca will also be working with a subcommittee to organise an event to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, so stay tuned for more details on that one!

We also welcomed a number of new Life Members to Macleod JFC.  Congratulations to 2017 Colts coach Dean Harrington and Colts player Luke Carpenter who both received the award for 10 years service to the club.  Jordan Corelli, Dane Dmitrovic, and Bailey Wittman have also been awarded Life Membership after having played 150 games for Macleod JFC.  Well done to each of you.  This is a great achievement, and we thank you all for your dedication and commitment to the club!

A copy of the 2017 Annual Report is provided below.  A detailed financial statement is available to all members on request.  Please contact Paul Starmans (president@macleodjfc.com.au) for more details.

Thanks again to all who made 2017 such a great year for MJFC, and let’s make 2018 a 50th Anniversary Year to remember!!


2017 MJFC AGM Report - FINAL (no financials)