Training Tips

With football currently on hold for 2020, we wanted to share a great email that was sent from our Under 13 coach to his playing group. In these challenging times, it’s important to adapt, as it’s great to see an example of this in action. Below is an email Nick shared with his team. Make sure you adapt any activity for your own level, but it’s great to see some ideas of what others are doing.

Most importantly however, keep your health and wellbeing – and that of those around you – your #1 priority. Practise social distancing, and always follow the advice of relevant health authorities. See for current information.

To My Boys,

Boys can I start off by saying I hope you are all safe and happy, and that I miss not being able to see you.

It is extremely disappointing we can’t train and play and it’s a timely reminder to remember why we play…….for fun and to be with our mates. Always appreciate and respect the chances you get to represent the Macleod JFC.

Where to from here? The key word is adapt……….. That means we have to make the most of this situation and use it to get ahead of our opponents.In the jungle the animals that have survived the longest are the one’s that have been able to adapt to the ever changing environment……that’s our motto!It’s pretty simple……….we need to prepare as if we are playing tomorrow.

What does that mean and what does that look like?It means we keep up our fitness and touch. We have to be ready to go as soon as we have a date of when we can resume training and playing.
Below is what I want each and everyone of you to do while we are in limbo:

  • 2 / 3 x a week – get outside and have a kick, not just outside home but get to an oval. Spend 30 mins to an hour kicking / handballing ….practice on both sides of the body.
    • If you are on your own – grab a footy go outside and kick the ball in the air 100 times on each foot. Throw the ball against a wall and practice your one touch again do this 100 times.
  • Complete two running sessions a week.
    • During the week do a 2km run ……… quickly as possible treat it like a race.
    • On the weekend complete a 25 – 30 min slow run……..aim is not to stop no matter how slowly you go.

That’s 4 – 5 sessions a week and if we all complete this we will be ready to go!

Boys – the teams that have success this year will be the one’s that worked hardest………now in this time off.

If you have any questions please make sure you call me.
Hopefully we are back together soon.

Take care boys.
Cheers Nick