2020 Financial Policy



Macleod Junior Football Club prides itself on being a Family club offering a High Quality experience in football excellence to families of our local community. Clean, well equipped facilities, retention and training of our coaching staff and players through specialist programs, and dedicated committee are all part of MJFC. In order for us to meet our many financial commitments, we need a commitment from our families to meet their financial obligations to MJFC. Accordingly our fees are structured to ensure the financial viability of the club and we endeavour each season to keep fees at an affordable level for all families.

Upon registration of your family member, families are responsible for:

  1. Payment within 7 days of a non-refundable fee to cover your child’s season.
  2. Selection of a payment method listed below.
  3. An email address for confirmation of payment.


The MJFC understands that from time to time families may incur difficulties in meeting their financial commitments. To help alleviate these difficulties MJFC offers payment plans to all families that can be utilised over the course of the season. To be eligible for a payment plan, families must put their request in writing to the Treasurer at treasurer@macleodjfc.com.au within 7 days of registration.  The request should state the following:

  1. Reason for the request.
  2. The frequency of payments e,g weekly, fortnightly
  3. The amount of each deposit to be paid.
  4. An email address for confirmation of plan.

If the request is granted, a confirmation letter will be sent, detailing the commitments agreed to.

FEE FOR 2020

Fees payable for 2020 are $280 for all players in all age groups. There are no discounts for multiple children per family.


All fees MUST be paid no later than round four of the season. Fees paid after this round four will increase to $300. The ONLY exception to this rule will be players commencing at the club after round four. Upon FULL PAYMENT of all fees, all families will be issued with a receipt. Please keep these for future reference as internet payments can sometimes be difficult to trace.


The MJFC provides extensive insurance cover to all players in the event that they are injured during the course of the season. However, players that are NOT financial are not covered by this policy.  It is therefore imperative that all players are financial before round 1 to ensure coverage.