Get involved in 2022

Macleod JFC is a family friendly club that relies on the great support of our volunteers to operate.

If you would like to get involved in any way for the 2022 season, please send us your details.  We welcome any interest in committee roles, coaching, or other general volunteer roles across the club.  Without the support of all these people, the club simply can not function.

General committee roles we will be seeking to fill in 2022 include (among others):

  • Football Coordinators (Girls, Junior, Senior)
  • Sponsorship / Grants
  • Communications /Marketing Coordinator (Website and Social Media)
  • Social Coordinator
  • Child Safety Office (Legal Requirement)
  • Property & Grounds
  • League Delegate
  • Medical & Welfare Officer

We have a great range of talents across the club, and we’d love to have more people on board to help spread the load of all the jobs required to ensure this remains a happy and prosperous club for our children to play football.

After a successful 2019 – which saw us win THREE YJFL Premierships – and a 2020 season cancelled due to COVID-19, we’re now looking forward to picking up where we left off after another season cut short in 2021.

To apply to be part of the committee and / or coaching, simply complete the simple expression of interest at the bottom of this page, and we will be in contact ASAP.  If you wish to discuss this any further, please contact Mark Medley on 0408 575 981, or email

Thanks for your support, and we’re looking for to a great 2022 season!