Under 13

COACH: Nick Vass


TRAINING (2020 Times TBC)

TIME: Tuesday 5pm, Thursday 5pm

VENUE: Macleod Park

Hi All.

A memo from Coach Nick about the season ahead. 

Firstly Happy New Year to all the 2020  U/13 Eagles players / parents and supporters!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer with family and friends, it’s also an important time to offer our thoughts and prayers to those that have been affected by the recent bushfires. As well as thank all those who have been given the task of trying to contain and manage the fires our brave firefighters.

Season 2019 was a fantastic season one that as coach I enjoyed immensely I hope all of you can look back on the season with fond memories.

Now to talk season 2020!

I hope every player from 2019 returns and if possible can recruit a friend to join our great little club!

Below is some information leading into the season as well as an opportunity for parents to provide us (the coaching group) with any feedback.

1.       Registration Day for 2020 is on Sunday February 9th @ Macleod Park – great opportunity to come along and reconnect with teammates and friends. The club also would appreciate knowing ASAP numbers for 2020.

2.       Training this year: we are looking to train two nights a week (Tuesday for 60 min and Thursday for 90 min), this is yet to be confirmed as the club needs to formulate a roster with all teams needs and requests in mind.

Can I please have feedback from parents thoughts on training 2 nights a week?

3.       Round 1 begins on April 19th with this in mind training will begin approximately 6 – 7 weeks prior I’m looking at beginning on Tuesday March 3rd.

4.       Closer to training starting parents will receive an email outlining our aims and expectations for the season which will be similar to last year.


The boys should begin to think about their fitness and the requirements needed to play AFL, when we begin on March 3rd the focus will be on skill development through running.

I understand most boys are involved in extra curricular activities such as basketball / cricket / surf lifesaving etc. which is great but an extra running session from now should be incorporated.

For those boys who are not involved in any summer sport or activities they should be now looking at doing two running sessions a week……not on consecutive days ideally 2 to 3 days between each run.

Can I make it clear no running session should exceed 25 minutes I’m not asking the boys to pound the pavements for hours – just to get some conditioning into their legs prior to training commencing.


1.       Run away from home for 10 min – turn and try to get back home in under 9 min. Eventually boys should try to get home in under 8 min.

2.       Winders – Go to an oval stride around one side of the oval from point post to point post, then jog recovery around the back of the goals and repeat down the other wing. Do 6 laps of this which equates to approx. 2.4km of running.

3.       Fartlek Running – Run for 25 minutes – stride between the lamp posts then slow jog to the next lamp post, when you get to a hill run up hill as fast as possible, 30 sec recovery any downhill you encounter slow jog. On flat surface stick to stride / walk between each lamp post.

4.       Just get and run for 20 minutes around the streets! Any running is beneficial.

The key is to do a little bit……often! Running twice a week now until training starts will be a great boost to the boys fitness levels!

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me – 0425 854 742.

Cheers Nick