Under 13

COACH: Nick Vass

TEAM MANAGER: Andreas Silfverberg

TRAINING (2020 Times TBC)

TIME: Tuesday 4.30pm – 6pm & Wednesday 6pm – 7.30pm

VENUE: Macleod Park


Update from coach Nick Vass – 23rd March, 2020

To My Boys,

Boys can I start off by saying I hope you are all safe and happy, and that I miss not being able to see you.

It is extremely disappointing we can’t train and play and it’s a timely reminder to remember why we play…….for fun and to be with our mates. Always appreciate and respect the chances you get to represent the Macleod JFC.

Where to from here? The key word is adapt……….. That means we have to make the most of this situation and use it to get ahead of our opponents.In the jungle the animals that have survived the longest are the one’s that have been able to adapt to the ever changing environment……that’s our motto!It’s pretty simple……….we need to prepare as if we are playing tomorrow.

What does that mean and what does that look like?It means we keep up our fitness and touch. We have to be ready to go as soon as we have a date of when we can resume training and playing.

Below is what I want each and everyone of you to do while we are in limbo:

  1.  2 / 3 x a week – get outside and have a kick, not just outside home but get to an oval. If you can join up with friends / team mates and spend 30 mins to an hour kicking / handballing ….practice on both sides of the body.

           If you are on your own – grab a footy go outside and kick the ball in the air 100 times on each foot. Throw the ball against a wall and practice your one touch again do this 100 times.

        2. Complete two running sessions a week.
         a. During the week do a 2km run ………..as quickly as possible treat it like a race.
          b. On the weekend complete a 25 – 30 min slow run……..aim is not to stop no matter how slowly you go.

That’s 4 – 5 sessions a week and if we all complete this we will be ready to go! Boys – the teams that have success this year will be the one’s that worked hardest………now in this time off.

If you have any questions please make sure you call me.
Hopefully we are back together soon.

Take care boys.

Cheers Nick – 0425 854 742


Dear Eagles Families,


These words are what I want my team to live by, value and demonstrate each week as we did for every game last year. These words were chosen by the boys at the beginning of 2019 and will continue to be the values we play and conduct ourselves with all season.

The season is fast approaching we hope you are all as excited as we (the coaches) are for the year ahead!

Below is all the details you need to know to prepare for Round 1.

Pre – Season Training

Will commence on Tuesday March 3rd we will train every Tuesday and Wednesday until we can move to Macleod Park this depends on when the cricket club finish.

Tuesday’s will be at Springthorpe Oval 5.30 – 6.30: Springthorpe Boulevard Macleod opposite Carbone’s Restaurant.

Gear required for Tuesday’s runners and bathers / towel as we will use the Country Club pool for recovery.

Wednesday’s will be at Winsor Reserve: 6.00 – 7.30pm – bring runners.


The boys should begin to think about their fitness and the requirements needed to play AFL, when we begin on March 3rd the focus will be on skill development through running.

I understand most boys are involved in extra curricular activities such as basketball / cricket / surf lifesaving etc. which is great but an extra running session from now should be incorporated.

For those boys who are not involved in any summer sport or activities they should be now looking at doing two running sessions a week……not on consecutive days ideally 2 to 3 days between each run.

Can I make it clear no running session should exceed 25 minutes I’m not asking the boys to pound the pavements for hours – just to get some conditioning into their legs prior to training commencing.


1.       Run away from home for 10 min – turn and try to get back home in under 9 min. Eventually boys should try to get home in under 8 min.

2.       Winders – Go to an oval stride around one side of the oval from point post to point post, then jog recovery around the back of the goals and repeat down the other wing. Do 6 laps of this which equates to approx. 2.4km of running.

3.       Fartlek Running – Run for 25 minutes – stride between the lamp posts then slow jog to the next lamp post, when you get to a hill run up hill as fast as possible, 30 sec recovery any downhill you encounter slow jog. On flat surface stick to stride / walk between each lamp post.

4.       Just get and run for 20 minutes around the streets! Any running is beneficial.

The key is to do a little bit……often! Running twice a week now until training starts will be a great boost to the boys fitness levels!

Practice Games:

March 22 v Carnival day against two other sides possibly Ivanhoe and Fitzroy @ Winsor

March 29 v Templestowe & Preston round robin @ Templestowe

We will also play a practice match v Parade St Damians either midweek or Sunday in early April this will be confirmed.

More details will be provided closer to the days.

In Season Training

We are very lucky to have secured Macleod Park for two nights this year.

Tuesday  5.00 – 6.00pm – we half the ground

Wednesday 6.00 – 7.30 – exclusive use of ground.

New Initiatives for 2020

Player Mentor Program – Any new player to the club or u/12 will have a senior u/13 player as their mentor to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition into our team, our aim is that the boys take ownership of the team and be responsible for ensuring every player feels safe and comfortable which is what we pride ourselves on!

Most Professional Player Trophy – Each week after our Wednesday session we will present a trophy to the player that exhibits the following traits at training for the week

–          Effort

–          Listening & Taking on feedback

–          Improvement 

The player who is awarded this will take the trophy home for the week at the end of the season the player judged by his peers as the Most Professional Player will be presented the trophy and keep it.

Spirit of the Eagle Trophy  (Inspirational Play) – After each game the player judged to have performed the most inspirational one off deed for the day will be awarded this trophy for the week, again at the end of the year the players will judge which player they feel best epitomizes this. The focus will be on sacrificial acts such as smothers / blocks / gut running / defensive acts NOT miracle goals or high marks although we do want to see these acts as well!!

Macleod Medals (Sportsmanship / Teamwork / Effort) – Two medals as per last year will be presented after each game for players that demonstrate best our 3 key values.

Look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday March 3rd as we kick off our season! Round 1 is April 19th bring it on!


Nick Vass

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me – 0425 854 742.